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Turnkey production line - what does it mean in practice? Based on the customer's specifications, tests of its products and packaging, we select a solution tailored to individual production needs. We supply equipment for such industries as food, cosmetics and household chemicals, among others.


We have a team of experienced engineers and designers, we have over 30 years of experience in the market and solid "know-how", so we are able to design and manufacture a production line to your order and in response to your production needs.

We are rewarded for our efforts and innovative solutions.

Pet Food Event Tech Day is an event at which, we will be present on 25-26.06.2026. It is organized by the Italian company Clevetech Italy. It brings together pet food manufacturers. This event promises to be a time of valuable contacts, interesting discussions and new opportunities. The main topics of discussion: innovations in the pet food industry, product preparation and formulations, stages from heat treatment to logistics and basic materials.

On June 10-11, the Pet Food Conference was held in Licheń Stary. We were honoured to participate in this meeting. This was the second edition of the Pet Food Tech Conference and focused on the subject of modern machinery and equipment, guaranteeing the quality and safety of processes. Traditionally, there was a wide-ranging panel on industry legislation as well as pet food ingredients and nutritional requirements of our pets.

We currently have two sources of EU funding available in Poland, which results from the ongoing 2021-2027 funding perspective and the Krajowego Planu Odbudowy, a small percentage of which has already flowed to us. We are still waiting for the main funds. The European Commission's decision on a slimmed-down version of the KPO will determine how much investment will actually be undertaken and financed

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