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Roll Fed Labelers

Our Labellers developed the Roll Fed line of rotary labellers especially for markets with high volumes of cylindrical containers and square plastic or glass containers, such as water, beverages and other products.

These labelling machines offer numerous benefits for improving the efficiency of the production process.

The Roll Fed offers a production speed of 6,000 to 40,000 bottles an hour, guaranteeing maximum economic benefits for the production process.

The roll fed labelling machine is managed entirely through a built-in touch panel, offering intuitive control to optimize production and obtain outstanding results.
A user-friendly interface makes it easy for operators to configure the desired settings and monitor the progress of the labelling process.

The machine’s modularity means it can be used with other labelling technologies at the same time, such as cold-glue or self-adhesive labelling.


  • Modular rotary labelling machines for high/low speeds
  • Easy handling of heating tanks
  • Label unit fully managed via touch panel integrated into the machine
  • Quick access for format changeover

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Discover the benefits and technical specifications of the machine in one handy datasheet.

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