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Quality Controllers

Quality inspection system with 3D vision ArgoCheck-31

Dedicated to the bakery industry.

The ArgoCheck from Pattyn Bakery Division is a unique quality control system dedicated to bakery and puff-pastry products. Easy to use and highly flexible, checks all types of product and sorts the bad products among the good ones.


  • Product quality control using industrial vision in order to ensure that the packed products correspond to your specifications
  • Rejection of contaminated or non-compliant products.
  • Metal detection (option)
  • Downgraded operation, i.e. the evacuation of the production to a manual packing station in case of a problem on downstream equipment (option)
  • Up to 13.000 baguettes/hour
  • Up to 26.000 half bags/hour
  • Up to 100.000 small products/hour

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Discover the benefits and technical specifications of the machine in one handy datasheet.

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