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Palletizing Systems

The CEPAL Robot palletizer is a perfect fit for your existing line or can complete a new Pattyn packaging line.

4 standard configurations are available and provide a plug & pal solution. Thanks to the robot mounted skid, the installation on site is easily & quickly fixed.

Standard equipped with a 15” HMI, offering a user friendly interface and the possibility to create your own pallet recipe. The 4 standard configurations run up to 8 cycles /min.

Pattyn also offers customized palletizing solutions. For each customized project we define your specific needs. If you require multiple infeed lines, different box & pallet positions, a specific type of gripper or robot, Pattyn provides you with the best possible palletizing solution.


  • Safe & easy palletizing of boxes
  • Skid mounted for fast installation & startup
  • Continuous flow assuring optimal operational efficiency
  • Matches your line speed
  • Perfect box positioning & consistent palletizing
  • Wide variety of box types & sizes can be handled thanks to the Pattyn experience in several markets

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Discover the benefits and technical specifications of the machine in one handy datasheet.

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