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Tunele parowe

The steam tunnel installation is processing pet food emulsions to chunks.

In the steam tunnel the emulsion is cooked with condensing steam. The speed of the processing belt and the steam supply are adjusted to cook until the desired cooking result has been obtained. Exact cooking times are product specific.

A steam tunnel is executed for heating an emulsion from + 5°C up to ± 92°C core temperature. The tunnel mainly exists of two steam chambers (hoods) through which a processing belt is continuously running. By using water locks alongside the tunnel, the containment of the steam is achieved.

The two steam chambers are surrounding the belt. The top hood of the steam tunnel is set down close to the emulsion to ensure that the steam moves correctly between and along the tunnel hood and the emulsion. The top hood can be lifted manually and the height above the emulsion can be adjusted. Heat is transferred to the product in two ways. Steam injected in the top hood condenses on the product surface and heats the emulsion. The steam injected below the processing belt condenses on the belt and heats the emulsion from the bottom.

Główne cechy:

  • High production capacity, but also suitable for smaller productions
  • Configuring different programs is possible: accurate heating tuned to unique product specifications
  • Additional: make use of colour injection systems
  • High quality wet pet food that retains flavour and colour
  • Selo possesses extensive know-how in the field of animal food production processes

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