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Instalacje procesowe do majonezu

One of Selo's best-known fully automatic process machines is the mayonnaise production line.

This mayonnaise production line is known for its efficiency and reliability, which is of great importance for large-scale mayonnaise production. The installations we supply at Selo meet the high requirements as standardwith regard to hygiene and quality. Moreover, the mayonnaise production line can be adapted to your exact needs and requirements. This allows you to produce the desired amount of mayonnaise daily, according to your own recipe in precise portions.

Not only do we at Selo develop and realize the machines and installations for you, but we can also advise you on the entire factory line.

Selo's mayonnaise production line offers many advantages that significantly improve the efficiency and quality of your production process. With a high capacity and short process time, you can produce large quantities of mayonnaise in a short period of time. The result? Streamlined production in a short process time. In addition, our mayonnaise production line ensures excellent color and taste of the final product based on your recipe. Those recipes are also quick to change, without producing a lot of waste.

Główne cechy:

  • Filling the machines is possible either cool or hot.
  • The production line is user-friendly and excellent for self-service.
  • If applicable, work is done in accordance with EHEDG standard.
  • Testing your own recipe in advance and running trial batches is possible in our own Technology Center

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